- The Lockpicker
The Lockpicker
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The Lockpicker

A teenage thief tries to leave town to escape the violence that threatens him and he people he loves.

Director : Randall Okita

Stars : Keigian Tang, Madi Langdon, Jordan Gray

Duration : 105 min.

Release : 2018-06-22

Genre : Drama

Country : Canada


Benjamin Black

The quality of the film was excellent with the free account, but I love the movie!

Francis Fitzgerald

I don't think the same, although this is not my favorite movie

Craig Knight

This is a movie which you dare not miss, because if you miss this one you are never going to see another. Be prepared for one last lovely beautiful and thrilling ride ahead of you, that's well worth your time and memories.

Eunice Wong

Bhoooo .. I do not like it at all

Erica Stevenson

did u ever read the instructions ???