- Alibaba Aur 40 Chor
Alibaba Aur 40 Chor
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Alibaba Aur 40 Chor

The movie is based on the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, from the One Thousand and One Nights or Arabian Tales. The role of Ali Baba is played by Dharmendra and Hema Malini play Morjina.

Director : Latif Faiziyev, Umesh Mehra

Stars : Dharmendra, Hema Malini, Zeenat Aman, Prem Chopra, Zakir Mukhamedzhanov, Sofiko Chiaureli

Production Co : Eagle Films

Duration : 138 min.

Release : 1979-06-01

Genre : Adventure, Action

Country : India, Russia


Louise Christensen


Valerie Strickland

this was really the best movie i've ever seen!

Craig Knight

Great, since I signed up the video goes smoothly. audio 10 and video 10, Thanks Bro.

Virgil Gonzales

It is great for the first two thirds but then things get a little lengthy. But it has a great ending!